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Kevan Taylor

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Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance
get a car and car insurance together New Driver insurance from Marmalade Learner Driver insurance from Marmalade

 By law everyone must have valid car insurance both as a learner driver and after you have passed your test.

This is to ensure a minimum of third party cover so that if you hit someone else, you are covered.

You may be pleased to learn how affordable insurance can be!

Click on the marmalade banner (left) to view their latest insurance deals. They  offer affordable packages for learner drivers that runs alongside a main insurance. The vehicle must belong to a family member or friend and already have a main insurance on it.

You can take out this policy in blocks of 30, 60 and 90 days and renew when necessary.

They also have good terms for newly qualified drivers and even a combo package of new car plus insurance for new drivers with finance options.

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Alternatively consider getting insured with Collingwood Learner Driver Insurance

Click on their banner to see their current offering

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