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Be safer and save on your insurance fees*

Congratulations on passing your driving test!  But how comfortable are you feeling about the most challenging driving conditions?


Drivers old and young can benefit from Pass Plus tuition, as it develops confidence in the particularly challenging circumstances presented by night and all weather driving, driving on motorways, in urban rush hour conditions and on country roads. Within a year of  passing their driving test, twenty per cent of drivers experience a collision of some sort. Guided exposure to hazardous conditions can reduce the odds of being involved in a traffic collision.

Pass Plus is the key.

*Successful completion of a Pass Plus training course can also reduce your insurance fees. Over time your course could well end up paying for itself! That all depends upon who you insure with, of course, but the DSA specifically designed Pass Plus with cooperation from the insurance industry to help you drive more confidently and safely. Certain insurers recognize that Pass Plus drivers are less of an insurance risk - hence the discount.

To see what you could save, check out the following case studies from

If you passed your test over a year ago, you ought to check with your insurance company that you’ll be eligible for their discounts before you take the course.

If you haven’t got a car at the moment you may be able to defer the discount for up to two years, your insurance company will be happy to advise.

What you can learn

Take a Pass Plus course with KT Driving, and you'll receive training in the following six essential skill areas:

How you can learn

Kevan will train you through each of the six modules mentioned above and award your points via continuous assessment. There's no external test. All the modules in the course must be studied in order to pass. The course could be completed within a minimum of six hours, but it may take longer if necessary. Please feel free to get in touch about my reasonable prices for a Pass Plus course, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you -there are times when Safer Roads 4 Cumbria offers subsidies for taking Pass Plus. You could get a useful discount.   Click the previous link for more information.

Two possible grades of Pass Plus are awarded:

In the rare event that it is impossible for you to complete one of the modules in practice, it may at the instructor's discretion be taught in theory only, but then the final grade can only be 'achieved'.

Getting Pass Plus with KT Driving could save pounds off your insurance fees and who knows? It might just save your life!

Call us to talk about it on 07880723299 or 017683 62082

or Email me.


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